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The future of ‘knowledge’?

I was thinking over this quote I stumbled upon yesterday;

The difference between IM and KM is the difference between a recipe and a chef, a map of London and a London cabbie, a book and its author.


I remembered a picture (below) I came across last year, about the development/growth of the Web, not in quantity, but in quality and potential. As the web grows into a Web 4.0 or 5.0 “Knowledge Web”, how would that look like?

The Hyperweb

Just this weekend someone showed me his new iPhone 4s with Siri and I think it already shows a little of this future ‘Web of Knowledge’. If the cabbie is knowledge, and the map is information, what then is Google Maps fueled by Siri? Or even better: A Google Car with Siri and TomTom or Navigon integrated?

The question is then: what types of knowledge cannot be captured by databases? Or interpreted by Siri or Watson? And how does that influence the way we learn and develop ourselves?