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The modern university has forfeited its chance to provide a simple setting for encounters which are both autonomous and anarchic, focused yet unplanned and ebullient, and has chosen instead to manage the process by which so-called research and instruction are produced.
Illich, I. (1971). Deschooling society. New York. Harper & Row New York.
The O’ and A’ level system is only producing a generation of youth embroiled in a rat race to secure the maximum number of A’s. Their study then revolves around achieving this objective. Studying past papers, rote learning prepared answers or indulging in strenuous out-of-class tutoring all have become an indicator of what is now defined as ‘intelligent’.
Very interesting post by a brave Pakistani teacher.

A Point of View: Justifying culture

Very interesting view on the humanities: why do they matter? Alain de Botton explains his point of view.

Arts subjects are being cut because those who teach them are not saying why they matter, says Alain de Botton.

We have the exact same issues here in the Netherlands. Should we then take the Oprah approach, as suggested by our distinguished philosopher? I think we might.

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