Continuations: Learning to Program, Programming to Learn

Interesting idea and something I discussed with an iOs developer last week: Programming not as something that is taught separately, but as something that is an integral part of education as a whole.

Why? Baseline is this: programming is like teaching your computer and would therefore lead to deeper learning. This is a great topic for research. See the post below.


One of the reasons that we decided to move to Chelsea was the proximity to the USV office. The other was that our kids can walk to Avenues, a new private school with an ambitious program of building campuses in leading cities around the world. Another distinguishing factor of Avenues has been…


Having spent more time writing about programming and also talking to my kids about it, I have become even more convinced of the importance of integrating it into other classes.  The reason is that programming provides an exceptional way of learning a concept.  It is reminiscent of the saying that you haven’t really learned anything unless you have taught it several times. Programming is “teaching” the computer how to do something.  If you can’t teach it to the computer you have probably not completely understood it. Hence the “programming to learn” in the subject line of this post.

What do you think?